Monday, August 3, 2009

My favorite girlies [♥]

Juliet Simms : Pretty,tall,piercings,singer,super voice,awesome eyes.
Her hairstyle is soooooo original.
I loved the way she remake her t-shirts(:
And I wanna be like her!!
So muchhh! :D

Hanna Beth : Pretty,petite,sweet smile,models.
I looooooove her tattoos so much!
I love her too(:
She has a really pretty hair.
She's so cool,and her fashion sense always amaze me.

Raquel Reed : Super hair,cute,model,scene queen,tattoed.
She looks good in red lipstick.
I will dye my hair like herrrr!!!!
Should be soon!
She's rawkkkk!

Cassadee Pope : Pretty,tan,tattoed,singer,super voice,funny(:
She's so pretty.
I love her,but I don't think she do care about her fans :/
Well,I'm not sure...
She loves her friends and family,and I'm sure she's still immature :]
I like her hair too!
I straighten up my hair,and it's totally looked like her hair!
Woohoo! :D

Hayley Williams : CUTE,sweet,immature,singer,amazing voice,super good attitude.
She's so down-to-earth.
She's so positively amazing.
I love how she treat her fans,and how she get into style :]

And I'll sleep now :)
Listing something that I love is so fun

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