Monday, August 10, 2009

Hotel for APE.

So yeah.
Random title,of courseee(:
Because yesterday I just watched Hotel For Dogs movie.
I'm not really interest,just I loved Emma Robert.
I'm not gonna tell you a story about it.
Watch it by your self,duh.
Soooooooooo I don't know why but I missed Nadia soooo muchhhhh!
I supposed to miss Ratna fosho :p
Oh well..I wanna meet them both then!
Ratna,she'll be leaving...I don't know when..
Nadia..OMG she's like my super best friend.
She's clumsy,yes she is.
But I like her(:
She's mature too.
Well,sometimes :)
Hahah. we ate our lunch together.
She brought omelete from her house.
Omg omelete for lunch is kinda ridiculous.
Hehe,sorry Nadee(;
Usually,after lunch we buy an ice cream but today I bought the ice cream with Levy,my other BFF.
Not as best as Nadia,but I liked her too.
We ate chocolate ice cream together.
So much fun!
I dropped the melted ice cream on her shirt :p
Hahah,not an accident anyway :p
I was naughty.....
Okay,that's the end of my life story today.

So,here's a Kiss or Diss by me(:

Zac Efron - diss.YES.

Cody Linley - diss.

Corbin Blue - diss.I prefer Cordon Bleu.

Taylor Lautner- diss.

Dylan Sprouse - diss.

Cole Sprouse - diss.

Ryan Sheckler - kiss.I love skateboard guy.

Chris Brown- diss.

David Cook - diss.Huh?Imean,what did he cook??

Akon - diss.

Flo Rida - diss.

Nat Wolff - diss.

Alex Wolff - diss.

George Bush - diss.

Ryan Seacrest - diss.

Bow Wow - diss.

Sean Kingston - diss.

Nick Jonas - diss.I used to love him lol.

Edward Cullen - diss.

Daniel Radcliffe - diss.

Rupert Grint - diss.Stupid redhead :p.

Tom Felton- kiss. Draco Malfoy is cute :]]

Robert Pattinson- diss.Ugh,sparkling? Eat your pants.

Chace Crawford - diss.

Ed Westwick - diss.

Joe Jonas - diss.

Kevin Jonas - diss.

Tony Oller - diss.

Orlando Bloom - diss.

Jake T. Austin - diss.

Johnny Depp - kiss.

Shia LaBeouf - kiss.I love Shia LaBeouf!!

Alex Evans- kiss,for his eyes(:

Alex Moyes - diss.

Frankie Jonas - diss.

Lucas Cruikshank - diss.who is he?

Jesse McCartney - diss.

Jason Dunn- diss.

Mason Musso - diss.

Christofer Drew Ingle - kiss!!!!!!!!! OMG muach muach!!!

Matt Czuchry - diss.

Mike Seater - diss.

Ashton Kutcher - diss.

Lucas Till - diss!

Justin Bieber - kid.diss.

Stephen Jerzak - kiss(: he's cute.

T-Pain - diss.

Max Thieriot - diss.

David Archuleta - diiiiiss,duh.

Bradley Cooper - diss.

Brandon Flowers - diss.

Alex Gaskarth - kiss kiss kiss.Okay,MAKE OUT :)

Kendra Wilkinson - diss.

Lady Gaga - diss.

Megan Fox - kiss.She's stunning.

Oprah Winfrey - diss.

Dr. Phil - diss.

Andrew DeTorres- diss.

Soulja Boy - diss.

Obama - diss.Err,well...diss.

Michael Jackson[80s] - kiss.RIP.

Tyler Johnson - diss.

Mikey (suburban legends) - diss.

T.C (varsity fan club) - diss.

Okay,talk again later.
I have to sleep now...the bad thing about tomorrow is,I have a test. Computer test. Totally hate it duhhhh.
Hope the weather is good.
I'm hoping for rain...or maybe a cold weather?
Sorry if you disapponted by my shitty life story.

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