Saturday, August 1, 2009

La la la la la la la...

So today me and some friends go out to make a farewell party.
One of my BFF will leaving bali :(
She'll go to Germany..oh well.
We go to a karaoke bar,and we started to make a mess.
First song,MJ's called - heal the world :D
Haha,we choose the song because we loved and wanna remind the Michael Jackson.
Well I'm not sure :p
Second song....I forgot.
Maybe love story..I don't know.
I always forgot to write the main point!
At least,you know.
We just make our voice disappear for a while :p
And we have so much fun today ;]
But time's separating us.
I have to go home because my mom is waiting.
Nadia have to leave too,so before we both go home we are going to a bakery.
I buy one beef floss,two chicken floss,one butter sugar,two raisins cake,and one chocolate cake.
It wasn't much,I guess.
But guess what Nadia bought???
TEN chicken floss.
Ohh so sick!
She said all those bread are for her grandma! xD
Her family is insane..I know(:
Everyone looking at her too..but whatev.
After I arrived at home,I ate the butter sugar then I go to my room.
And yayyyyyy!!!!
I found the newest AP magz on my bed!
Thx to my biggest brother! xD
The issues are good,as usual :]
I found out that boys like girls released their new album.
Actually I wanna add the photos here,but I haven't move it from my phone to the computer.
And by the way,I heard their new song far before I saw it in AP magazine :]
Love drunk is so good...
But I think the intro is a little similiar with the killers song,huh?
Oh well....
Paul is more adorable,anyway(:
Okay,talk again tomorrow <3

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