Sunday, September 20, 2009


But his nose is sure too big,isn't it?


Well,long time no stories!'s the list for everything you guys missed!

BLACKOUT. All city,and..I just go to sleep early. Ugh,I was watching GG,you know?

Nothing happened. Just..falling MORE in love with GG. Omg,Chuck Bass is so cute! I love the way he dressed and talk to Blair :)

Why yeah..I um..I do nothing. I dont know what should I do. Chillin at school,study,waiting for the time to go home so I can continue to watch GG. I am nuts,dont you think? :D

Haha. Earthquake. I dont know why,but my mom is just freakin out for that short-shaking-time in house. Come on,it just is. Omg I love my holiday :) Many 'surprises'. But,my mom is still freakin out. Ughhh well.

Erm. Now. I already bought GG season 2,and watch the first CD....and confused. Nate Archibald is weird. I think he's a sweet innocent guy. Well,he's a gigolo. But actually he do that just for help his family. Omg,He's so sweet now :) But. Serena and Dan is totally broke up. Ugh,I hate that. Little J is..helping out at Queen B's mom's business. Hope no more catfights. Okay so..I just love GG :)

------------ that was what you missed from me :D
And..I wanna watch the next CD :]
Catch up later,kiddos!

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