Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That's why,people do love to go to buy some groceries.

Because maybe there's a hot-spot there.
Bahaha,today I updated my blog with blackberry mobile,twice :]
Before I'm here,I was listening to owl city in the car!
It's on the radio :]
I love the song so muchhhhhhhhh.
Now I'm in supermarket anyway.
This market is super(:
The wireless internet in the food court is useful as well.
Ahh,anyway I'm confuse.
My mom ask me to change my mobile to BB,but in the other side,
I already make a commitment with Nadia to use our now phone until it broke.
What should I do?
I prefer iTouch anyway.
But my mom said that maybe a blackberry phone is more useful than iTouch.
I have an iPod already.
It's nano 3rd generation.
Altough I love it so much,but I'm in love with iTouch too.
Am I wrong?
What should I do?
The BB mobile that I usually use is my mom's.
Duhhhh maybe I'll think about it later.
My mom bought me this fruit that I love.
Do you know what fruit is that?

I wanna eat it now.
Okay bye!!

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