Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How was I supposed to know the truth?

That was an absolutely random title.
Ignore it,it wont match with what will I say here.
So,here's the real diary.
Today I went to school,as usual and nothing special happened.
Ahaha whatever.
My friend and I did something silly again.
Nadia,she's even more clumsy that yesterday.
I feel sick with her. :p
She's my bff tough(:
Well,I almost forgot.
I had a popsicle today! :D I ate it with her after lunch.
It was pretty fun.
Even it tastes not really good.
Our tongue and lips are so red,and looks burning. x]
Today,oh my God.I'm sweating and my face is so warm.I dont like it.
I prefer the rain...It's a cool weather,with everything is dim and there's only the sound of some thunder and rain drops.
Okay,I'm stop talking now.
Damn,why did I cant speak about my life here??
I love to talk anyway,dude.
If you wanna talk and have no one to be your partner,
Contact me here :)
I'm gonna take a bath now.
Oh,my biggest fear :(

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