Thursday, November 26, 2009


how you doin?? :D
omg i missed blogger.. sorry i havent update anything lately.
anyway, just wanna ranting about some things.
it's about my school.
it was a really big mistake that i still study in there.
you're not gonna believe this.
this school is retardedly stupid.
yesterday, is a teacher day here. the teachers are decided to make a useless competition based on a reality show called "take me out/take him out".
they thought it would be sooooo cool but the truth is, they were just ruining my day.
i supposed to sit in my class, listening to my iPod, and sleeping or drawing on my arms.
i was planning to skip school too, but i burried it in my deepest mind of mine because i knew it; it's not gonna work.
so, i'm just gonna straight to the point.
their performance are : magic, dancing, singing.
not only that, but this teacher, he teaches us physics, doing a presentation about 'how we feel about our self is what should we believe. dont care about other people think about us, at least we know what can we do the best'.
well, basically all the teachers in my school are weirdos though :p
so.. moral of the day :
teachers these days are uselessly breathing.
they are not worth our life, so dont believe with what your teacher said to you. they are not the best person who knows everything.


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